The Netherlands, the municipality of Oost Geire is at loggerheads with Rompa Leather: “If you do not reduce stink, you’ll get fined”

If emissions of stink do not stop, tannery will have to pay a fine. The story takes place in The Netherlands, more specifically in the municipality of Oost Geire, a small town on the border with Germany: here Bart Porskamp, a council member of the Dutch municipality, may possibly take tangible action against Rompa Leather. As reported by website, citizens who reside near the tannery have been complaining, for several years, about stinking emissions coming out of the factory. Aiming to make things clear and verify such complaints, the municipality administration asked the department of environment and firemen to carry out a technical survey, which will be supposedly completed in the next few weeks. Should the report confirm that stinking emissions really come from the tannery plants, under the control of Sopraco meat group, the council member announced that the company might be forced to suspend its activity. Former council member Renè Hoijtink also spoke about the case, while recalling – as reported in the Dutch information website – his talks with the tannery’s previous owners, without any successful result though. “The municipality refused, more than once, to meet and talk to us – points out at Twan de Bie, current director of the company –. They want to fine us now: yet, if we were compelled to pay a penalty, we could not invest such money in the reduction of emissions of stink”. Should the company suspend its production, stinking emissions would subsequently stop, but, at the same time, Rompa Leather would start a legal proceeding that might affect and penalize the same area.


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