The politics of shoes: Theresa May on the Vogue UK cover while Melania Trump’s pumps become the unusual ambassador of the Balkan question

Since last summer, Theresa May (pictured left) has been the tenant of Downing Street, and she has been engaged in talks for ferrying the UK outside the EU, and in establishing new relations with the White House under the Trump presidency. Vogue UK not only consulted the PM on her policies and the challenges that lie ahead for the leader of the Conservative Party but also asked her about her fashion choices. Theresa May is also, indeed, a fashion addict who has repeatedly declared her love for fashion and, more specifically, for shoes: “Newspapers seem to define my persona on the ground of what I wear,” she declared to the press recently. Mrs May is not the only one to be associated with shoes. Bosnian-Serb footwear company, Banja Luka, gifted the new first lady Melania Trump with two pairs of shoes. It was a sign of openness from the fashion world towards the presidency that so far hasn’t registered the same enthusiasms that characterised the Obama administration. The gift, however, was also a way to re-open talks on the Balkan question. The Serbian community does not remember with affection the Clinton family, and the role played by the United States in the years of the wars in the former Yugoslavia (’91 -’95 and ’96 -’99 then). By trying to connect with Melania, born in Slovenia when the country was still part of the Yugoslav federation, the shoe company is hoping to open new diplomatic talks.


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