The rise of the backpack: even leather goods have their sneaker phenomenon

A meteor trend (as in the past) or destined to last? A question to which even the experts do not know how to answer safely. Leather-made, branded, top: the only certain thing is that today, especially for the male wardrobe, a backpack is indispensable, like sneakers. The need to move with arms and hands free has also has transferred to women’s wardrobe which, however, cannot give up the handbag. Especially for more formal occasions.

Andrea’s word

“All the brands we work for are including backpacks and baby carriers in their collection” confirms Andrea Calistri of Sapaf (Scandicci). “In the past, backpacks and baby carriers have come back at least a couple of times: from some years they were a must and then they just disappeared. It is still early to understand whether the trend will last or not – he adds -, if it is just a trend or a necessary accessory for metropolitan life in constant motion”. It is enough to get out in the streets to notice how many men carry a backpack, but what about women? “At first, a woman bought three bags – replies Calistri -, now she buys two bags and a backpack. But when she has a smaller backpack and a bigger one, she hardly buys a third one, while maybe she owns a dozen bags for the various occasions of the day. Backpacks and bags have two different uses and are not alternative products”.

The retailer’s opinion

The concept comes out reinforced by the words of two retailers specialised in leather goods. Streni manages 7 multi-brand stores with his own brand, as well as three Liu Jo stores, three Kipling stores, a Furla store and a Piquadro one. “The sales of bags have registered a double-digit growth in the first months of the year – is the comment coming from the company -. There are more and more customers wearing mass market products, but they don’t give up on designer bags. For men, compared to a decline in sales of professional briefcases, we notice the surge in backpacks, which now occupy a share of about 70% of the sale of work bags. We also recorded an increase in sales of (modern) wallets, baby carriers and crossbody”.

The bag is not at risk

Sensations and data that are also confirmed by Anna Virgili, who controls a network of 21 stores in Italy, including brands such as Alviero Martini Prima Classe, The Bridge, Coccinelle and Borbonese. “A decrease of bags because of backpacks? I would not say so, indeed we have registered a growth in the sale of bags, including totes, crossbody and briefcases” replies Alessandro Gaetani, who runs the company led by his father Ermanno. “The bag continues to be an indispensable accessory and a reference point for every woman – he concludes -. The accessories sector is growing and demand is increasing”.



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