A horrible June for Brazilian leather: export at -47%

A horrible June for Brazilian leather: export at -47%

A horrible June for Brazilian leather. According to data by SECEX (Secretariat of Foreign Trade) that was elaborated by CICB, the South American countries exported raw hides, semi-finished and finished leather for a value of 48.3 million USD in the Month of June.

The value in 2019 was above 91.3 million. In other words: 47% more than 2020. While looking at the first six months of the year the results are also negative: 450.3 million USD sold to foreign markets equal to -28.8% than in 2019. Volume decreased by 17.9%.

A horrible June for Brazilian leather

In terms of volume, Brazil’s leather exports during the month of June was of 8.6 million meters squared. During the same period of 2019 the amount sold abroad was of over 13.7 million, equal to a contraction of -36.9%. Performance for the first 6 months of 2020 was of 77.8 million square meters exported by Brazil in 2020, against the 94.7 million of 2019’s first semester.

The relationship with Italy

Between January and June 2020 Italy accounted for 15.7% of all Brazilian leather exports in terms of value and 19.1% of volume. In terms of percentage the data shows a contraction in comparison to the first semester of 2019 equal to 40.7% in value and 26.4% in volume. As a whole Brazil’s wet-blue export decreased by 37.2% in value and 24.3% in volume.

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