Tod’s buys 14 hectares close to headquarter for a logistical site

Tod’s buys 14 hectares in Casette d’Ete for a new logistical site

A new logistical site for Tod’s. The group owned by the Della Valle family bought 14 hectares of land near the company’s headquarters in Casette d’Ete (Sant’Elpidio a Mare – Marche region). They allegedly also purchased some empty warehouses in the same area. “Now more than ever Italian lifestyle can help businesses, especially small ones – said Tod’s’ owner, Diego Della Valle in Milan -, because the world wants to come here”.

Tod’s new logistical site

Tod’s purchased, last October, property from a bankruptcy trustee of the Bergamo Court, about 14 hectares of land near its Marche-based HQ. And now, according to indiscretions, it will create a new logistical site in the 55,000 square meters of buildable land within the overall space purchased. An implicit confirm of Andrea Della Valle’s words, who during the last presentation of Hogan, had spoken of “manufacturing and logistical investments in the Marche region”. Nearby the space, writes ANSA, companies owned by Della Valle and Tod’s itself, have also bought some empty warehouses. The luxury group has allegedly also eyed other real estate opportunities always in the area between contrada Brancadoro (within Casette d’Ete) and the Villa Luciani area, in the town of Montegranaro.

Poltrona Frau too

Poltrona Frau also landed in Villa Luciani. The company headquartered in Tolentino moved its “Interiors in motion” division in town. The latter creates leather-covered items and high-quality textiles for the main luxury automobile, airplane, and boat manufacturers.

“Made in Italy for SMBs”

“Each has its workplan and strategy, but now more than ever Italian lifestyle can help businesses, especially small ones, because the world wants to come here – said Della Valle (in photo from Imagoeconomica) –. When we promote made in Italy, we do it for us, but at the same time for small companies that can’t promote themselves. It’s a wonderful chain, let’s use as best we can”.

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