Trade War, a betrayed India reacts to Trump with super-duties, up to 70%

For every action there is an equal reaction. On June 5th, the Trump administration has eliminated India from the beneficiary countries of the preferential entry program to the US market (GSP), a condition that allowed the leather area of ​​New Delhi to have privileged access to the stars and stripes market square. The newly re-elected Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, responds to Washington’s rudeness with a bad counter-offensive: from June 16th, 28 the products of the agricultural supply chain of the USA will find duties up to 70% on their entry to the Indian market. To represent the scope of the measure, Al Jazeera recalls that New Delhi in 2018 was the first customer worldwide of US almonds, with 534 million dollars, and the second of apples with a cost of 156 million dollars, while many are the investments of American distribution companies in India. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected shortly in India for a diplomatic visit: according to media reports, he is certain that the two countries would find an agreement to settle their differences.

In the picture from Imagoeconima, Narendra Modi


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