Trend Area: good new placement, samples entice

“A good idea”. Most visitors and exhibitors have been appreciating the new placement of the main Trend Materials Area at Lineapelle. In addition to stands placed in pavilions 9 and 22, you immediately come across stands at the entrance of hall 13, which has been crowded since the early morning. “It works much better” – says Paolo Baiguera, owner of Lemco footwear factory, based in Verolavecchia (Brescia), as he “flicks through” leather samples exhibited, along with Giacomo Grumelli (same company). Giuseppe Osci, who is the holder of Conceria Osci, based in Teverola (Caserta) agrees on that. Foreign visitors like the new exhibition area too. Mr. Min Jo, coming from China, says: ” Moving it was a great idea. Last year it was a little bit secluded, now it looks like the perfect exhibitor business card”.


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