Waiting for New York: Lineapelle heads for Manhattan, after London

Its first edition dates back to January 2001. At that time, Lineapelle New York was a real exploratory event. Nearly 20 years later, it proves to be a scheduled appointment for the North American business market, on the lookout, as usual, for original and quality products. At a convenient price though. Such market is about to show up at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Wednesday 17 July and Thursday 18.

The event

Lineapelle New York comes back to Manhattan to host 131 exhibitors (among whom, 99 tanneries, 13 manufacturers of accessories and components, 17 manufacturers of fabrics and synthetics), who will present their style work-in-progress about winter 2020/2021 samples and articles. Style trends designed by Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee and summarized in their reference concept, namely EQ – Emotional Quotient, are going to be one common denominator. Last week, they presented the same trends at Lineapelle London: indeed, they aroused a remarkable interest.

The seminars

As pointed out by Lineapelle, “an outstanding number of seminars and workshops are going to be on the agenda”.

They set three style presentations. Two of them are new generation workshops (Lineapelle previously presented them in Shanghai, Madrid and Stockholm): Smart Sharing and StoryTechTelling. They turn out to be “some appealing and engaging journeys to share leather and materials smart features, while focusing, at the same time, on their use to make highly innovative accessories”.

In another meeting, instead, “they will focus on the importance of pinpointing most reliable tools and platforms with regard to leather industry certification”. The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium will also give a speech in the “Inherent Vice & the Virtuous Cluster – the Case of Tuscan Veg Tan Leather” seminar.

Red tint

Winter 2020/2021 will highlight, as reference colour, a peculiar red tint shade. As Lineapelle cleared up, they have been relying on such choice to carry out “a chromatic engagement project, based on a specially-made lipstick”: “female visitors showing up at the Metropolitan Pavilion will receive it as a complimentary gadget; on top of that, a make-up artist will put make up on their lips”. The name of the project is Lineapelle is on everyone’s lips: figuratively speaking, it previously gave Lineapelle London a red colour.




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