2018 to be a banner year for meat industry: USDA expects production and cattle livestock units to increase in the next 14 months

Global production, export and cattle livestock units go up. USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture, expects livestock and farm industry to boom worldwide in the next 14 months. By the end of 2018 the overall number of cattle units bred by farmers is going to grow: as a whole units will exceed 1 billion (there were 988,5 million bovine livestock units in 2016) mostly thanks to their expansion in India, Brazil and Uruguay. Likewise trend is going to be positive for red meat production as well: in 2018 it will increase by 2%, with an overall trading of 62,5 million tons (60,4 tons in 2016). Business will be driven by US and Chinese, even more, growing imports: in 2018 China will buy over one million tons of meat made abroad (in 2016 they imported 818,000 tons).


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