Argentina, mandatory price posting for meat and leather

Argentina, obbligo di pubblicazione per i prezzi di pelle e carne

The price for meat in Argentina has skyrocketed, causing concerns within the government. During the first 3 weeks of March, prices have increased by 12%, in comparison to February, which is an increment that is added to the +6% of February over January. The situation, unfortunately, has also affected raw material for the tanning segment. Authorities have made the publishing of prices of meat and hides, mandatory all across the country.

Meat prices skyrocket

After the increased of February and March, operators are waiting to understand what will happen in the coming weeks. As stated by Alberto Williams of Asociación de Propietarios de Carnicerías, reported by Páginal12, “prices should begin to decrease due to the wider offer, coordinated with lower foreign demand”. Other operators foresee an additional 7% growth on current amounts. Among the reasons for this forecasted increment there is the tension between livestock farmers and tanners. The former group is accusing tanneries of having interrupted the purchase of raw hides, which increases the overall costs of slaughterhouses, which then reflect the costs on meat prices. The situation has reached such point that authorities have begun forcing tanneries to pick up the materials directly from them.

Government intervention

The consequences: Buenos Aires’ government has established that all prices relating to meat and raw hides are to be made available to the public at least once per week. The measure was adopted to respond to consumers’ complaints regarding the increment of prices. Butchers have also protested, following the decision, by refusing to open stores on March 30th.

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