Argentina, Curtume CBR call for government support to bridge over crisis

Argentina, Curtume CBR invoca il governo per uscire dalla crisi

Curtume CBR are looking for a suitable solution to bridge over crisis. The Argentinian tannery keeps going through a difficult situation. For the records, most of their goods are stuck in harbours, waiting to be shipped off to customers. Besides that, the wages of their employees, over 800 of them, are at risk now. In addition to a number of problems, formerly announced, now workers’ representatives hope that government will take immediate action by opening a credit line to support financially salary payment.

Curtume CBR are looking for a solution to bridge over crisis

“We export 98% of our goods, 60% towards China. Due to Coronavirus, hides are stuck in harbours: materials do not get in and Chinese companies are not working. All that caused a financial problem the tannery has been dealing with”. While speaking to, Federico Zalazar, general secretary of SECALAR, the tanners’ trade union, did spotlight current difficulties. The trade union representative hopes that local government will open a credit line with a bank in order to collect necessary financial assets to pay the workers’ wages, while waiting for the situation to get normal again. “For the time being, we have not suspended anything – Zalazar continued –. We are striving hard to find suitable solutions and keep our clients”.

Containers are stuck

In the last few days, the Nueva Rioja reported that 30 containers are still stuck in harbours supposedly. Due to restrictions, the company cannot clear them through customs apparently. Hence, some missed payments, which will therefore lead to some liquidity problems for the tannery. China is the most important reference market for hides manufactured by Curtume CBR: yet, unfortunately, since Asian companies are not working, purchasing orders have come to a standstill as well.

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