Australia, Thomas Foods invests, but the meat segment is afraid: “We are losing billions”

A matter of public order and a market issue. MLA, Australian association representing the livestock industry, is concerned. A study commissioned to an independent agency, reports Australian media ABC, states how the segment is at risk of losing up to 3.2 billion Australian dollars (about 2 billion euro) before 2013, if it can keep up with the standards that new consumers require, in terms of animal welfare. It would seem that the battle over red meat is also being fought on transparency and communication. A matter that, we were saying, also intersects with public order. MLA states how the number of vegan incursions into livestock farms is increasing: a menace from which only (conveniently) a partial story told (by the animal activists of the chain) and that is capable of conditioning the public.

As a phoenix

Meanwhile, Australian meat player Thomas Foods International announced the creation of a new production plant near Murray Bridge. “It is the largest investment made in the last 30 years”, commented the company’s top management to Global Meat News. The site will produce red and ovine meat, it will employ 2,000 individuals and should be operational by the end of 2020. Just a year ago Thomas Foods International had lost one of its facilities in a fire.


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