Brazil, for JBS an astronomical leniency. The chain shakes as vendors are scared

Less than 3 billion euros, or 10.3 billion reals to be paid, starting next December, over 25 years. This amount is the fine agreed by J & F, Batista’s holding, to resolve their position in one of the country’s most overwhelming scandal. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, this leniency is the highest in the world. However, the problems for the Brazilian meat giant do not end there. There would also be problems in its chain. Distributors would be pushing JBS’s competing companies to boost production, while its suppliers are studying how to break the contracts that link them to the multinational Batista brothers without legal disputes. Diàrio Comércio Indùstria & Serviços, the Brazilian financial newspaper, reported the news. The industry is gearing up to absorb the transformation of consumption that the Brazilian public could assume following the boycott campaign launched against JBS. 80% of meat production in the South American country is for the domestic market, according to ABIEC (the Association of Exporters) data. For JBS, problems could not only be brought by the national chain but also internationally. Always according to the Brazilian press, already important customers of holding companies (such as the French Carrefour and Casino Group, or the US of Walmart) have asked for clarification. Their ethical codes, in fact, do not allow relationships with companies involved in legal frauds. Argentina’s agro-industry Association, meanwhile, asked the Buenos Aires Government to shed light on any irregularities in the acquisitions that JBS has conducted in the country.


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