Assopellettieri’s three pillars:  Mipel Lab, Baemi and Miss Mipel

Assopellettieri’s 3 pillars:  Mipel Lab, Baemi and Miss Mipel

Three pillars. Three tools to accept the challenges of modern times and allow Italian bags to look towards the future with more optimism: Mipel Lab, Baemi and Miss Mipel. “Mipel remains out top fair – commented president Franco Gabbrielli, during the public assembly of Assopellettieri -. The next fair /September 19th-21st) will not be “normal”, due to the restrictions still in place. That’s why, while we wait to return to a proper live event, we continue with the digital initiatives we have launched. For the association, which continues to work throughout the country, talking with institutions and continuing to train young people is a way to change the leather segment. For the companies, these digital initiatives are a tool to reach further”.

Three pillars

Assopellettieri’s new course is focused on collaboration. “We surround ourselves with partners of the first order, such as EY and Intesa Sanpaolo – continues Mr. Gabbrielli -. We talk with the Italian chain, sure that this is our strength, and that success is easier when shared”. The Mipel lab initiative is the “digital fair” developed with DS Group, and is one of the examples: “we began taking about it a year ago – added Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle -. The pandemic pushed us to transform what should have been an exhibition space into a digital platform. Lineapelle represents the entire supplier ecosystem and a matching-service such as Mipel Lab is just the icing on the cake”.

B2C and communication

A B2C marketplace, as well as a communication and promotional initiative. Assopellettieri’s strategy is also focused on Baemi and Miss Mapel. “We like to consider ourselves as a startup, a spinoff of the Association that enacts the strategy – said Roberto Pasi of Baemi –. We are a B2C marketplace, focused on end-consumers. Even more so, we are a tool that gives strength to leather goods’ manufacturers, that allows them to reach new customers”. “Miss Mipel, meanwhile, is a “capping” project – concludes Andrea Calistri, who was confirmed as VP of Assopellettieri –. It’s an opportunity to involve emerging brands, fashion schools and known designers, into commercial and promotional initiatives that would allow us to bring our name in the world”.

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