Due to parasites and markings, Brazilian business loses 3,5 billion reals as raw hides quality is not top

A fortune goes up in smoke owing to raw hides poor quality. That means a loss of 3,5 billion reals (slightly less than 1 billion euros) for the whole manufacturing cluster because of farmers’ clumsiness. According to CICB, the Brazilian association of tanneries, poor quality of tanning raw materials sent to drums is bound to affect the whole tanning industry and therefore the leather business. Hence, Brazil’s economy is going to be jeopardized. According to a survey, commissioned by CICB and reported by Cuero América portal, 42,4% of hides are damaged by parasites, 18,2% by markings, 13% by improper conservation effects, 12,1% by harms during the flaying stage and 10,3% by harms during the nailing one. Josè Fernando Bello, chairman of CICB, does emphasize that the issue is of paramount importance for Brazil’s economy: “If leather loses ground and market shares as alternative materials go up, or its value slumps because of poor quality – quoting his own words – all business players will be affected by that”.


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