From slaughterhouse to tanneries: Namibia invests in the leather chain

Dal macello alla pelle: la Namibia investe nella filiera

Namibia chose to invest in the chain: from slaughterhouse to tanneries, starting with the livestock. Deadline: 2021. Before this date, the African country will create a livestock system that will make it one of the major meat suppliers in Southern Africa. Michael Humavindu, vice-secretary to the Industry, Commerce and Development Ministry is sure of it.

200,000 Hectares

The politician provided an update to the various industries regarding the development of the Kavango Cattle Ranch, which will be located in the northern area of Namibia and will cover a surface of 200,000 hectares. Along with the ranch activities, the government is also looking to empower the Ondangwa tannery. The next step towards the completion of the project that entails all aspects of the chain, from slaughterhouse to leather, is the official approval for a shared development strategy for the segment.

What about China?

While waiting for the ranch, Namibia’s meat producers are also waiting for the government’s underwriting of a trade agreement with China. Namibia is, today, the only African country unable to export its goods to China. That being said, the agriculture minister announced that the go-ahead from the government will not mean that trade will begin right away. In order for commercial activities to start, all must wait for the results of the indipendent inspections being conducted by the Certification, Accreditation and Administration Department.

The Requirements

In order to export meat to China, Namibia’s livestock farmers must satisfy a number of criterias. For example, the animals must be born and raised in areas where there has never been a case of ‘foot-and-mouth’ disease. Or, that the animals have never been fed herbivores’ products, beside from milk. As reported by daily newspaper Southern African, the executive director of Namibia Agricultural Union, Sakkie Coetzee, claimed to be in favor of the opening of the Asian route: “I hope slaughterhouses will take advantage of this new market”.

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