How can you (really) define a green product? In Milan, Cotance meeting on the PEF guidelines

The cases under studying come from Spanish, Italian and Scottish tanneries. The evaluation of the first results of the application of PEFCR, the rules for calculating the environmental impact of the class being defined on the basis of the PEF diagram provided by the European Union, was given last June 27th at UNIC Milan offices. It was discussed by the European federation of tanners national associations, Cotance, with national representatives of tanners from Italy, Spain, France and Scotland. The table will be updated later to make some adjustments to the PEFCR model developed so far: for example, modeling of the chemicals used in the calculation model has to be optimized, as well as the environmental impact of the individual tanning operations has to be defined to be able to model the operations entrusted to outside contractors. From the definition of PEFCR  depends the one “Green Made in Italy”,  future Italian scheme of calculating the environmental impact of products. In parallel around the working table on PEFCR, the European Commission is developing a software to be provided free to tanners for calculating the carbon footprint of a square meter of skin.


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