In South America, it’s time for camelids: dedicated pole in Bolivia

In South America, it's time for camelids: dedicated pole in Bolivia

The ribbon cutting is scheduled for June 28th. On the date an industrial hub dedicated to processing the meat of camelids (such as alpacas or llamas), with an adjoining tannery for processing the hides, will begin activities in Turco, Bolivia. The investment shows the growing South American interest in the all-round products and by-products of local species, as showcased by the recent project to open a guanaco tannery in Argentina.

The camelids moment

According to local news reports, Turco’s industrial hub has raised 73.3 million bolivianos (or 9.6 million euro). The estimated production capacity is of 1,140 tons per year of llama meat and 90 tons of bone meal. From these volumes, the tanning segment will save and use an estimated 45,000 hides per year, while a dedicated laboratory will process more than 190,000 tons of fiber. Bolivia currently has a livestock of 2.6 million llamas, and just under half a million alpacas. The Turco plant, which joins an existing one in Laja, aims to turn the livestock into a resource.

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