ICEC Anti-Covid certification: the number of companies is increasing

ICEC Anti-Covid certification: the number of companies is increasing

The list gets longer. The number of companies is increasing. We are talking about ICEC certification scheme developed “so that the leather sector can not only react, but manage the Covid-19 emergency”. The certified tanneries are now 8.

The number of companies is increasing

Eight, as we said, are the tanneries that have obtained the anti-Covid certification developed and promoted by ICEC, the certification institute specialised exclusively in the leather area. Incas, Sciarada and Anaconda (regarding which we have written in recent weeks), therefore, were now joined by Nuti Ivo, Superior, Carasco, Galileo and Ellegi Pellami.

The details of the certification

The certification is voluntary. In other words, each company can submit the corporate protocol adopted, whether it is the one signed by UNIC – Italian Tanneries with the relevant unions, that by Confindustria, or one developed with its consultants.

Only those following UNIC protocol, however, will be able at the end of the certification process to boast not only the ICEC badge, but also that of the Italian tanning association. The certification scheme refers to the new ICEC TS422 Technical Specification and to the relative Certification Regulation.

Image from Nuti Ivo Instagram account

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