JBS launch UBOI, the first app on demand for transportation of cattle

JBS launch UBOI, the first app on demand for transportation of cattle

Is transportation of cattle a problem? JBS have worked it out by launching an app on demand. The Brazilian meat giant launch UBOI, an app for its own suppliers. The application, which reminds (to some extent) of Uber platform, might drastically change livestock provision. In Brazil, at least.

JBS launch UBOI

The name given to this application is UBOI. It is the very first app serving transportation of cattle. For the time being, JBS have made this tool available for farmers working in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás and Vale do Araguaia. However, they will shortly apply the same service to Brazil’s other regions as well.

How it actually works

Through UBOI, farmers may get access to a number of data and information about the lorry fleet of JBS Transportadora division. In other words, about 3,000 van drivers working across Brazilian territory area. They will be able to make themselves available for transportation by downloading the app and subsequently entering a number of data. Farmers using such tool will be able to see the driver’s name, the lorry licence plate, all the services carried out by the driver and the evaluation comments posted by users. Furthermore, they will be able to follow the whole of transportation stages, including cattle loading and unloading. The service will be running 24 hours around the clock. Such tool is going to guarantee farmers and JBS, as well, about full compliance with animal welfare international standards. 

The comment

“UBOI aims at changing drastically transportation of cattle in Brazil – explained Ricardo Gelain, chief manager of JBS Transportadora, while speaking to beefpoint.com.br –. Such innovative tool will support and drive the development of the overall trade industry. In fact, it is going to enhance Brazil’s manufacturing capacity while simplifying and fostering transportation of cattle around country villages and farmhouses”.

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