Craft in Motion, a weaving video from Bottega Veneta

Craft in Motion, a weaving video from Bottega Veneta

Three minutes and 14 seconds to look into Bottega Veneta’s atelier and the famous weaving design of the Kering-owned group. Craft in Motion is online: meaning the mini-document (fit to be digitally utilized) directed by Massimiliano Bomba. A sound and visual showing that tells the story of Bottega Veneta’s aesthetic, the vision of creative director  Matthieu Blazy and, most importantly, the relation between craftsmanship and those that will use the product.

Craft in Motion

Bottega Veneta keeps time at heart. It’s what, as CEO Leo Rongone said multiple times, is necessary to make a durable and high-quality product. The topic is also central in the Craft in Motion documentary: because artisans are in the position to express their abilities and they “count in days, not hours” when working. Enjoy it.

Photo from Bottega Veneta


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