JBS reassure: “In the Amazon all of our suppliers are controlled”. 99,99% of livestock we buy is all right

In 2017, 99,99% of livestock units purchased by JBS group in the region of Amazon were compliant with the social and environmental standards formerly agreed and signed with the government. In 2016, such percentage amounted to 99,97%. The Brazilian meat multinational company made a public announcement about it, according to results duly certified by DNV GL, an independent institute that assessed the operations, around 10,000 of them, carried out in the area. Since JBS have been tracing commodities purchased by suppliers based in the Amazon, they achieved their best performance in 2017: “According to our commitment, we strive hard to progressively improve our quality control while monitoring consistently our provisions chain, aiming to continue commercial relations with manufacturers that act in accordance with our guidelines – remarked Marcio Nappo, Sustainability manager at JBS –. Our group is currently implementing strict control protocols alongside permanent audit operations to ensure transparently the application of the best practice for environmental and social sustainability”.


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