JBS to invest 85 million euros in their plant in Nebraska as meat industry goes strong

JBS are about to expand their business in Nebraska. In fact, Brazil’s meat slaughtering giant have recently announced a 95-million-dollar (over 85 million euros) investment to expand their own bovine meat-processing factory, situated in Grand Island, in the state of Nebraska, USA. They are due to start the project, according to which the manufacturing plant will extend across around 10,000 square metres more, at the beginning of 2021. Thanks to such investment, the group is going to enlarge facilities for animals handling and build a plant for temperature check and reorganization of processes: the aim is to improve employees work conditions and enhance food security as well as product quality. While implementing works related to this expansion project, “Grand Island plant will keep running without interruption”, announced the company in a press release. JBS have channelled into their Nebraska factory beef meat produced by over 670 local farmers. Subsequently, they process and export it to over 30 countries all over the world – Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Singapore, among others – under “1855 Black Angus”, “Swift” and “Swift Black Angus” distinctive trademarks. “Such plan – wrapped up JBS in a press release – will enable our company to tackle an expected increase in the international demand for high-quality US bovine meats and bovine meat based products, highly valued”.


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