Leather export: Brazil rejoices with a + 2,3% while Pakistan’s down by 25%

In October, exports of finished and semi leather increased by 2.3% in value year on year, with revenues amounting to 161.9 million dollars (152.2 million euros). According to figures given by the Ministry of Development and Industry, foreign sales in the same month were down 10% in volume. But for José Fernando Bello, president of the Brazilian Tanners (CICB), the result is still positive: if in the first 10 months of the year exports of Brazilian leather has significantly slowed down (-12% in value compared to 2015), the market recovery as shown by last October figures can be the premise of a return to growth. Pakistan’s leather industry, on the other hand, continues to struggle. In the first quarter of the new fiscal year (July to September) the export of Islamabad tanneries dropped by 25% in volume and 12% in value: foreign turnover was 85.5 million dollars (80.4 million euros) for 3.4 million square meters of finished leather. Finished products performed a bit better. Footwear  compartment (2.6 million pairs) was stable, while accessories were down 8% in value.


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