Low offers in Bangladesh, Bovine LSD in Pakistan

Low offers in Bangladesh, Bovine LSD in Pakistan

Low offers for leather from Eid-ul-Azha. Like every year, raw materials’ traders have recovered the waste from the sacrificial rites enacted. The price though, continues to get lower. A big hit for operators, as they had warned clients to pay their debts or they would stop collecting the material. And so, the costs, along with LSD infections (Lumpy Skin Disease), are stopping the recovery of the tanning segment in Pakistan. Because leather, along with the meat from the animal, cannot be used.

Low offers for leather from Eid-ul-Azha

The more time goes by the lower the price. It’s an unhappy surprise for leather traders in Bangladesh, after they managed to recover the waste created by sacrificial rites of the Eid-ul-Azha during the last few days. The offers, in fact, were lower. “The price of everything has gone up, but not that of raw materials”, complained Md Minu, a trader interviewed by tbsnews.net. 10 years ago, at around noon, which is the high-point for trading hides, the price per unit would reach 21 euro, Now it’s 9 euro on average, with negative peaks of 5 euro in the late afternoon.

Lower and lower

According to the statements collected by local media, buyers complained about the fact that, with the passing of time, the hides were compromised by the heat. Yet, fact remains that traders suffered a hard blow, considering that just a few days before they had threatened to not collect the hides if open debts weren’t paid. The more time passes, the lower the price gets.

Bovine LSD in Pakistan

Meanwhile, leather trade slows in Pakistan due to a bovine illness. Operators had forecasted a revenue of 1 billion USD, but the spread of LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease) will likely cause sales lower by tens of millions. That’s because the disease makes it impossible to use the meat and the leather of animals impacted.




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