New Zealand to kill 22,000 bovines (or even more potentially) because of mycoplasma infection

New Zealand health authorities reassure entrepreneurs: it is not a pandemic and security measures, so far implemented, are not to be considered pointless. Allegedly, the new infection cases, lately arisen in the country, just concern livestock units that were sold prior to their traceability. At present, they are going to kill 22,000 bovines, infected by mycoplasma bacteria, in total (about 7,500 cattle units have been already killed). For the records, the number of infections had already been increasing over the months, moving from 4,000 up to 20,000 units. As reported by local press, the overall amount is bound to grow again: in fact, some more breeding farms are likely to be involved in the situation as well. In the meantime, the Government has allocated 60 million New Zealand dollars (slightly more than 35 million euros) to compensate entrepreneurs for their financial loss.


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