Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 10 million to farmers for better leather

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 10 million to farmers for better leather

Nouvelle-Aquitaine sets the standard to obtain better leather. The French region’s government announced a 10-million euro investment plan for the management of bovine inside farms. The goal is to acquire better leather after the meat industry’s slaughterhouses are done, so that the material for tanneries and other luxury segments is better.

Better leather

As of today, Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s companies that operate in the luxury segment utilize leather from Germany and Scotland, for the most part. The French region has over 1,500 livestock farmers, and it is to them that the regional government has aimed the “Filière excellence cuir en Nouvelle Aquitaine” project. The activities will focus on awareness and new techniques to obtain better hides from the animals. On October 15th the president Alain Rousset signed an agreement with the Comité interprofessionnel Veau sous la mère, 70 companies represented by ResoCuir and the 3 departments of Dordogne, Charente and Haute-Vienne. The plan consists in a 10-million euro investment over a 4-year period. Each livestock farmer will be able to obtain a special price if able to show the specific trace of the high-quality leather supplied.  

Past experience

The region had already launched the same initiative in 2012. At the time, 25 livestock farmers had joined and formed a cooperation center. In 5 years these livestock farmers were able to go from selling a total of 17% (as high-quality material) of the total, to 50%. This group got rid of all barbed wire and other sources of scratches, as well as eliminated parasites and cured the animals’ skin diseases.

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