France, the leather chain in Nouvelle-Aquitaine is looking for new workers: training day and campus des Metiers

The leather chain in Nouvelle-Aquitaine gives work to over 5,000 people, the first half of which, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, while the remaining part is equally split between Limousin and Poitou-Charentes. For this reason, it makes sense that a day of training, with a strong tanning ‘imprint’, would be held at this location. The training has the name “Building a successful career path for your entire life”: the meeting will take place tomorrow in Limoges, at the local university, for the Assises de l’Orientation. The event, that will close the previous cycle of meetings in local high schools, and that, according to, also offers orientation tools for one’s career to the families of the youths involved, along with the institutions and their partners. Participating in the event is Jean-Michael Blanquer, Education minister for the French government, who will also be present in Thiviers, 60 kilometres from Limoges, on Friday. The minister will participate in the inauguration of the campus des Matiers, training centre for the employees of the fashion industry, which includes training for the leather and textile segments.


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