Tanzania could increase the duty on leather export to 100%

Tanzania could increase the duty on leather exports to 100%

The government of Tanzania could increase the duty on exported raw hides to 100%, so that it may discourage in any possible way the sale of the country’s material abroad. It’s not like the country currently has a liberal policy, since the duty now is of 80%. But the president, John Magufuli, as reported by national press, plans on trying to help the newly found Morogoro National Tannery via decisive actions by his ministers.

Leather export

The new tannery plans on becoming the largest in the continent. According to the summaries by news outlets, the tannery could employ more than 1,000 people. Additionally, it will be able to absorb “65% of bovine hides and 100% of the ovine hides made in Tanzania”. For this reason, Mr. Magulufi plans on blocking the exports of raw hides, as requested by the owner of Morogoro National Tannery. If that wasn’t enough, the president seems intentioned on giving in on another request by the Tanner: removing all duties on imported chemicals for tanning.

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