US leather quarter, with Brazilian surprise

US leather quarter, with Brazilian surprise

In the first quarter of 2024, the export of fresh and salted leathers fared poorly, the export of wet blue leathers fared better. With the Brazilian surprise: yes, because scrolling through the trends that LHCA (the reference association of the US tanning industry) has compiled based on USDA data (the Washington Department of Agriculture) we learn that the South American country, usually self-sufficient in tanning raw material and semi-finished products, is increasing its purchases in all categories.

Trends in fresh and salted

Exports of fresh and salted bovine hides lost -11% in value and a symmetrical -11% in volume in the first quarter. The reason is clear: purchases from all major partners of the U.S. (primarily China) are in the negative area, while purchases from Italy are on the rise (+17% in volume and +35% in value). Speaking of this Brazilian surprise, it is noticeable in this product category, the country increased volume by +130%, and value by +109%.

And those of wet blues

The role of Brazil (+112% volume and +263% value) has also stood out in the wet blue category. For other ones, the trend is very different. Here the overall balance is positive (+29% in volume and +22% in value), thanks to Asian partners: namely Vietnam (+123% in volume and +121% in value) and China (+87% and +79%). However, the situation has worsened in Europe, with Italy decreasing purchases (-44% in volume and -42%).

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