US raw material, Central Valley Meat buy out Harris Ranch Beef to create seventh national player

In the United States they are about to create a new big player in the slaughter industry. In fact, Central Valley Meat Company’s top managers announced the corporation is going to buy out Harris Ranch Beef Holding Company, including Harris Feeding Company and Harris Ranch Beef Company subsidiaries. Thanks to such deal, whose financial terms have not been made public, they will create the seventh US player in the bovine meat manufacturing and processing industry. Harris Ranch Beef Company and Central Valley Meat Company will keep working independently, as both companies will fully maintain their own trademarks while augmenting together their production capacity. “A few relevant investments in the processing and food facilities will bring our goal to completion, in terms of corporate sustainability, along with the animals’ transport and welfare”, remarked the company in a press release. “We have known and thought highly of John Harris and Harris Ranch Beef for decades: I am happy I can grab a once in a lifetime opportunity to carry on with the family-run heritage and pursue its huge growth potential here in the Central Valley”, announced Brian Coelho, president and chief executive officer of Central Valley Meat Corporation. “On the one hand, Central Valley Meat Company and Harris Ranch Beef will keep working independently; on the other hand, I expect both companies, alongside their own respective clients, to benefit from sharing knowledge, widespread assets and larger product supply”, wrapped up the manager.

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