USA, Law Tanning invests 2.5 million on a new warehouse

USA, Law Tanning invests 2.5 million on a new warehouse

In Milwaukee, tanning creates work. Law Tanning tannery invests 2.5 million dollars to purchase a historic building in the city, now abandoned and run-down, with the aim of turning it into a warehouse. The operation would lead to the creation of new jobs. The company is rumoured to already have an agreement with the municipal administration, to which it has illustrated the project in the past few weeks.

Law Tanning invests

Founded in 1936, Law Tanning is a tannery that mainly processes cowhides for footwear and leather goods. Recently, he has also included kangaroo leathers in the catalog. It currently employs 76 people. In recent months, the company’s top management went in search of a logistical solution that would allow the expansion of the business. The choice therefore had fallen on a building that is only two blocks from its production plant. As tells us, the structure was built in 1949, and for years housed International Harvester’s geothermal power plant. It is now in a neglected state.

Acquisition and conversion

Law Tanning would have developed a project to recover the approximately 1,950 square meter building with an investment of approximately 2.5 million dollars. The plan includes the purchase of the property. The new warehouse would allow the company to expand its business and create 15 new jobs. According to the information portal, the current owner of the building would be late with the payment of 102,000 dollars in taxes. This would allow the City to take over the property for  5,000 dollars and then sell it to the tanning company. (art)


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