French online: LVMH look ahead at digital business, while currently increasing by 30%; Balmain renovates through YNAP

Louis Vuitton are about to focus on digital business, following Céline. LVMH group are going to invest in their online fashion house, while involving their flagship brand and presenting on 24 Sevres platform (picture, left) a capsule collection composed by Vanity bags, Archlight sneakers, a black logo dress and Party glasses. They intentionally printed again such articles for their portal, which is the only “place” where customers can actually buy them at present. Yet, in the next future (as announced by the top managers of the French luxury group), they are due to make new capsules for 24 Sevres exclusively. In the meantime, one year after its launching, Louis Vuitton are extending their e-commerce Premium services across all China. They are celebrating their first anniversary: after focusing on China’s twelve biggest cities, now they will also provide Chinese smaller towns with two-day-long deliveries, through SF Express, used by Gucci, Prada and Chanel as well. It is quite evident, then, LVMH group strongly rely on online commerce expansion, which is currently worth 7% of their overall incomes, that is, 3 billion Euros. However, digital business has been increasing in double figures, +30%, and it is going to drive the group’s business in the next 15 years, according to the top management of the multinational corporation headquartered in Paris. Along with them, several fashion brands believe in the digital future as well. Among others, definitely French Balmain (the fashion house belongs to Qatar’s Mayhoola though): in fact, they signed a five-year partnership deal with Online Flagship Stores, namely a section of the portal, led by Federico Marchetti, which designs online sale portals for luxury brands. “Prior to this day, we used to manage our e-shop internally”, told the media Massimo Piombini, chief executive officer of Balmain. “That was limiting our choices, in terms of technology and design. Now we can deal with our clients much more proactively, therefore matching the digital experience with the brand one”.


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