Aston Martin and Zagato double on everything: collaboration and models

You pay 6.5 million euros and you buy two cars. Aston Martin offers a package consisting of two cars, not sold individually: DBS GT Zagato, produced in only 19 units, and DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. Needless to say, the two cars will be the most expensive Aston Martins ever.

The partnership with Zagato

Aston Martin also doubles its collaboration with Zagato, a Milanese atelier that produces design bodywork. The two cars reinterpret the DB4 GT Zagato model to represent a bridge between past and present, as Automobile magazine underlines.

The interiors

The super luxury car cannot do without leather, used together with gold. Inside the cabin there are metallic elements made with 3D printing, customisable with aluminium or carbon fibre. The Centenary Specification version, through a special processing (PVD-Pysical Vapor Deposition) which requires 100 hours of labor, instead is expected to come with gold parts.

The leather

The interiors are made with Caithness Spicy Red leather, while the headrests carry Zagato Z embroidery. Finally, the external logos of the brand from Milan and Aston Martin bodies are made of eighteen-carat gold. For car and speed enthusiasts, the engine is a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12 capable of delivering 760 hp.

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