Mirta joins forces with RED: the artisanal e-commerce lands in China

Mirta joins forces with RED: the artisanal e-commerce lands in China

A way to access 300 million Chinese users of China’s social-ecommerce. And, most importantly, to grow in a structured manner inside the People’s Republic. Mirta joins forces with RED (known in China with the name Xiao Hong Shu, Little Red Book) and lands in China. The e-commerce platform, a window into the excellence of made-in-Italy products, tries to tackle to number 1 luxury market: “Given our great results in Asia, we decided it was time to enter China’s marketplace – commented Martina Capriotti, co-founder of Mirta -. We chose RED because 90% of users utilized this platform to collect information on new foreign brands. Moreover, the social-ecommerce format perfectly fits with Mirta’s concept: it’s not just an online platform to make purchases, but the perfect match between social network and marketplace”.

Mirta joins forces with RED

The launch in China comes after just 1 year after Mirta’s creations. Pushed by the new challenges caused by the pandemic, the Italian e-commerce has a portfolio of over 70 artisans and “over 500,000 monthly visits”, with clients from more than 20 countries. Asia accounts for 30% of total revenue, explain Mirta’s spokespersons, as well as being the region that recorded the most growth, with sales up 10x from the start of the year. “These are numbers that we could not ignore – added Ciro Di Lanno, co-founder of Mirta –. This is a fundamental step for us, one that will allow us to open this extremely interesting market to the artisans that chose and believed in Mirta. China’s market accounts for 30% of global luxury sales”.

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