23 tanneries awarded by UNIC

UNIC premia 23 concerie: ecco i campioni della sostenibilità

The 23 tanneries that received aknowledgement are (in strict alphabetical order): Anaconda, B.C.N. Tanneries and Bonaudo. Then Chiorino Technology, Conceria Antiba and Conceria Incas. Followed by Conceria Laba, Conceria Lloyd and Conceria M2. The list continues with Conceria Settebello, Conceria Sirte and Conceria Superior. Then goes on with Conceria Zabri, Dean Industria Conciaria Pelli and DMD Solofra, with Ellegi Pellami, Masoni Industria Conciaria and Rivadavia Industria Conciaria. Closing the winners list are Russo di Casandrino, Sanlorenzo and Sciarada Industria Conciaria, together with Vesta Corporation and Victoria.

The certification areas

There are three ICEC areas, we said, in which the awarded companies have obtained a certification. The first is the environmental one, which provides for the certification of the Environmental Management System, of the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), of environmental product declarations, leathers with reduced environmental impact or eco-leather. The second area is the ethical-social one, which includes Health and Safety management system in the workplace, the UNIC tanning code of conduct and social responsibility. The last one is the economic-product one, which includes Quality Management System, product certifications, the origin of Italian production (ie Made In) of leather and leather products, traceability of raw materials (leather) and the production of manufactured goods, the management of testing laboratories in the tanning sector, as well as the management of chemical substances.

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