Tanning writes to the UN: “COP26 should work towards real sustainability”

Tanning writes to the UN: “COP26 should work towards real sustainability”

“Think about real sustainability, what is truly sustainable”. The invite was sent by those that aim at stimulating the conversation, because it involves important characters in the leather industry and other government figures. The manifesto is being written by International Council of Tanners (ICT), Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA) and Leather Naturally, speaking to the leaders participating in the COP26 conference (UN Climate Change Conference UK2021) that will be held in Glasgow from October 31st to November 12th.

Real sustainability

ICT, LHCA and Leather Naturally ask leaders to recognize the “circular and efficient nature of natural fibers, in relation to climate”. Moreover, discuss it with the “potential of these materials in reducing environmental impact of consumer products”. The point of the letter is to ask participants to take into account the effects of the entire production chain on the environment, from top to bottom. The leather chain, for example, has a sustainable nature due to the fact that it recovers a byproduct of the livestock industry, saving it from going to landfills. It rather gives value to the material thanks to sustainable technologies and processes, so much in fact that it becomes a luxury product.

The support

COP26, write the three associations, should promote durable products that can be repaired rather than thrown away. All characteristics of leather. All proposals found a place in the manifesto created by the 3 associations, which hope that all the segment’s businesses sign, along with individuals tied to the processing of other natural materials.

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