Bio-stimulants and retardants: a video interview with SICIT Group

Massimo Neresini di Sicit Group

Massimo Neresini is SICIT Group managing director: his company recovers tanning scraps, such as fleshing, and focuses on the production of bio-stimulants for agriculture and retardants for the plaster industry. Neresini recalls that in the past people used to consider tanneries accountable for a big impact on environment. Today, conversely, they have reached top quality: “They have been no more like that since 1960, that is, 20 years before we started talking about circular economy: some companies, and we are one of them, recycle residues coming from the leather industry – he points out –. In so doing, they prevent their discharge, while transforming and enhancing them to create a profitable business, which also fosters a smooth running in the districts”.



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