California, the civil disobedience of those that sell kangaroo leather

California, the civil disobedience of those that sell kangaroo leather

There are those that sell football’s items made with kangaroo leather in California even if there is a law from 1971 that bans it. While authorities should check on the application of this law, they tolerate those that don’t respect it. That’s why animal welfare associations are trying to resolve the matter via lawsuits. Such news from the United States is being mentioned around the world, and for us, it’s an example of civil disobedience.

The facts

Receiving lawsuits is retail brand Soccer Warehouse. Two environmental associations (Centre for a Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Action) accuse the former of “openly flouting the law” by selling goods made with kangaroo leather. As reported by the Guardian, the groups complain to have also appealed to the publich authorities that are to keep an eye on the matter (the California Department of Fish and Wildlife first and foremost), without receiving answers or seeing action.

Civil disobedience, the California way

The 1971 Californian law prohibits the commerce of goods made with kangaroo leather and attached fines up to 5,000 USD (and 6 months of prison). Animal activists hope to extend the battle to the entirety of the United States. While Northern European colleagues are lobbying to convince our brands to let kangaroo leather go. In the name of sustainability, they say. Even though people in Australia say that the collection of this animal’s hides are safe, circular and sustainable. Local authorities also say that the hides aren’t collected by species of kangaroos that are at risk of extinction, but rather those that need to be demographically controlled, as they could otherwise pose a threat to the environment. Within this context, we believe that in California it is almost a political act, with retailers ignoring the law and authorities preferring not to intervene.

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