Northampton, 5.5 million pounds for the leather research hub

“The new International Leather Centre (ILC), based in Northampton, is going to be the most important centre for leather research: here they will address the whole value chain, from raw hides and skins to high street. We do believe that no other institute, all over the world, will manage to provide such highly proficient expertise”. While speaking to local press, Rachel Garwood, director of the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ILCT), announced his full satisfaction about funds, 5.5 million pounds, allocated in favour of the ILC. “With regard to superior training, we are now the worldwide leaders in the leather industry – added Garwood – and the only European university equipped with a complete and running tannery”.

The International Leather Centre will extend across an area of 2,500 square metres. The ICLT, a large facility equipped with a tannery, along with offices, rooms and laboratories, is headquartered here. University authorities are confident that it is going to become a global hub for research, education and innovation in the leather field.

An aerial view of University of Northampton


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