In a video, the 9 paradoxes dismantling preconceptions about meat

In a video, the 9 paradoxes dismantling preconceptions about meat

Nine paradoxes that dismantle preconceptions about meat. These are the ones that the 11 associations belonging to the European Livestock Voice inter-group have collected in a video.

The group, which also includes Cotance (tanning) and Fur Europe (fur), posted the video on YouTube. One way to highlight the limitations of the Farm to Fork community strategy.



The erroneous preconceptions

Cotance, Fur Europe and other 9 associations have developed the communication campaign entitled “The 9 paradoxes of Farm to Fork”. The message is clear: the EU strategy for the transition towards sustainable production is ambitious, but it does not take into account some fundamental aspects.

The fear of the main players in the European livestock sector is that agricultural traditions and the enormous progress already made are not really taken into account.

The video

The video contains the 9 paradoxes which are illustrated very clearly. It all stems from the fact that people attend farms less than in the past, and therefore have not seen the great evolution of which they have been protagonists of.

And, thus, the new point of view does not allow us to grasp the importance of farming and agriculture, of meat within the human diet, as well as to recognise the fake news circulating.

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