Innovation, sustainability: all LP Green Theatre videos

Innovation, sustainability: all LP Green Theatre videos

A programme rich in content, stimuli, opportunities for in-depth analysis and debate. During the last Lineapelle, number 100 (Fieramilano Rho, 20-22 September), the second edition of Green Theatre took place, an open space for talks and seminars with a time limit (half an hour) that put a series of important arguments on the table. This is why, considering that the trade fair use of events brings with it the difficulty of matching business time with Green Theatre time, all the videos of the events are available online.

All LP Green Theatre videos

To access the complete list of Green Theatre programming, simply click here. Once you have done so, you will be spoilt for choice and can move on demand between presentations of green projects and activities related to the leather industry and business workshops.

Innovation, sustainability, certification

From the two ICEC events we have talked about here and here, to the Save Soil project joined by Lineapelle. From the (always timely) analysis of the importance of the exotic leather supply chain to the Life Magis project. A few examples that testify to the density of Green Theatre content. A density of which a precise trace remains online on the page dedicated to the event within the UNICGROUPTV account. Enjoy your viewing.

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