The complete UNIC Sustainability Report in a video

The complete UNIC Sustainability Report in a video

All the answers in a video. Why it is drawn up every year (for almost twenty years). What results have been achieved in the last edition and in its history. What changes in the general framework, from the United Nations “goals” to the European Green New Deal, it welcomes and incorporates. At Lineapelle’s Green Theatre (February 22-24) Luca Boltri and Fabiana Orlandi, respectively deputy director and member of the Environmental Service of UNIC – Italian Tanneries, presented the 2021 Sustainability Report in a seminar moderated by Roberto Procaccini, editor-in-chief of La Conceria.



In a video

Those who were lucky enough to be at Lineapelle, the main exhibition for leather and fashion materials, were able to attend the live presentation, which also had an English edition for the international audience. For all the others, there is the possibility of catching up with the event on a delayed basis. And that’s not all, because on UNIC’s YouTube channel you can watch all the Green Theatre seminars again.

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