Kering changes its animal welfare ranking system and publishes its new standards for “all supply chains”

The goald is to “shift the way in which we, as a society, treat animals and nature”. The pledge consists in following “We hope for widespread adoption of the standards through collaborating with our suppliers, our peers in luxury, the fashion industry at large, and with the food sector, in these shared supply chains”. Kering stated the above thgough its Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International institutional affairs, Marie-Claire Daveu, to present its new standards with regards to animal welfare.

These standards have to do with all animal species involved in the supply chains of the brands owned by the French holding, with the aim of specifies the company, putting the welfare of bovines, sheep and goats on a pedestal “throughout their entire lifecycle”. In real terms, Kering created a ranking system for its suppliers that is based on three levels: bronze, silver, gold. The bronze medal, for the French multinational, is the level representing the least acceptable standards that European legislation has set.  The silver medal is awarded to those that follows stricter rules to improve the welfare of animals. Lastly, the gold medal “is won” by those that implement practices that “can fundamentally transform the industry”. The guidelines include the prohibiting of feedlots and intensive farming in favor of pasture-rearing for better quality of life; the promotion of regenerative grazing and stricter limitations with regards to animal transport. Lastly, the move includes the prohibition of “antibiotic treatments that can pose a threat to human health”.


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