Wollsdorf inaugurates the new tannery in Mexico: 40 million investment to grow on the US market

The total investment allocated by Wollsdorf is of 40 million euros: the first 20 allocated immediately, and the same amount to finance the development of the plant. The reasons for such a commitment in Guanajuato, Mexico, are explained by the headquarters of the Austrian leather group: “Only four years ago we were not generating an appreciable turnover in the States. But the US is a high-growth market – says a statement -: in 2019 we will have a turnover of 9 million dollars”. European structures are not enough to protect the North American market: this is why in January 2018 Wollsdorf laid the foundation stone for a tannery in Mexico. Once the works were completed a year later, the plant, dedicated to the processing of automotive leather from wet blue and wet white, has started operating with an organic plant of 200 employees and a production capacity of between 5,000 and 7,000 leathers per week. This, however, is only the starting point. The Austrian group expects to bring the capacity up to 15,000 leathers per week, while the structure will be integrated with a cutting division.

In the picture, the ribbon cut in a shot provided by Wollsdorf



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