Kering explains why proper measuring is important

Kering explains why proper measuring is important

Is measuring important? Yes, it’s the basis of an environmental strategy. Speaking with Il Sole 24 Ore, Marie-Claire Daveu, responsible of Kering’s sustainability development, makes statements similar to those made by us in our last monthly edition n. 3 – 2023. While illustrating the goals and results of the French conglomerate, Daveu explained that the periodic publication of the repot is the basis of our entire strategy. “It’s a matter of credibility: one must know how to bring measurable data on a regular basis”.

What Kering says about its objectives

5 years ago, Kering published Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury, the group’s roadmap to reduce its environmental impact by 2025. Together with “the launch of the strategy – says Daveu in relation to the value of measurement (and transparency) -, we decided that we would publish (every two years) an update over the progress made, but also the more complicated and urgent challenges”. The future of the group that owns Gucci and Bottega Veneta, among others, includes investments in regenerative agriculture and 100% traceability of materials. During the period 2020-2023, meanwhile, Daveu claims to have already achieved important results, such as the use of “100% certified renewable sources” and a “40% reduction of emissions”.

Measuring is important

The words of Kering’s head of sustainability are interesting for two reasons. The first: she represents a 22-billion-euro entity with deep ties to Italy, and it thus in the position of impacting the local supply chain. The second: because Daveu joins in on the debate of “measuring”, the monthly n. 3 – 2023 of magazine La Conceria. Inside the magazine is shown the verifiable effort of Italy’s fashion system and the threats posed by greenwashing.

In phot, from social, photovoltaic panels on the roof of Kering’s distribution center in Trecate

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