Moroccan tanning industry loses ground in the domestic market, as “over 50% of hides, employed by shoe factories, is imported”

On the average, over 50% of hides, employed by Moroccan shoe factories, is imported from abroad. In some cases, figures go up to 70%. On the one hand, Moroccan leather industry keeps losing ground in the domestic market; on the other hand, several international competitors, mostly Asian, gain more and more ground in the business. FEDIC, the Moroccan tanning industry federation, has sounded the alarm, subsequently reported by Moroccan press. Figures are based on the analysis of the business trend and turnover of the most important Morocco’s shoe factories, which amount to 230 and represent 75% of domestic manufacturing and 72% of national export. As reported by Moroccan media, FEDIC complains about the lack of competitiveness of the local tanning industry, due to the absence of a modern industrial cluster that may keep up with quality and sustainability international standards.


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