Safety today and tomorrow: Sciarada and the ICEC certification against Covid-19

Safety today and tomorrow: Sciarada and the ICEC certification against Covid-19

ICEC’s anti-Covid certification provides dual-safety. Conceria Sciarada (Castelfranco di Sotto) has obtained the new Specifica Tecnica ICEC TS422 for the management of the Covid-19 emergency inside tanneries and other business of the leather chain. “We implemented the first protocol drafted by Regione Toscana, respecting 1.80-meter personal distancing. Now we take a further step – explains Serena Castellani of Sciarada -. Beside from showcasing our attention to safety measures, the certification also helps internally”. In other words, “to verify that what we have done so far is valid and useful”. Safety today and tomorrow.

ICEC’s anti-Covid certification

ICEC’s new anti-Covid certification certifies that the tannery’s system to manage the emergency has the proper technical requisits and that it respects the “Protocollo per l’attuazione delle misure precauzionali e di contrasto alla diffusione del contagio da Covid-19 negli ambienti di lavoro delle imprese del settore conciario”, which is the document prepared by UNIC (association) to help tanneries work safely during this time, as it provides directions and recommendations for the workplace.

Safety today and tomorrow

“We wanted to get this certification to showcase our effort, to do something more – comments Castellani -. To prove that we have adopted all safety measures and will continue to do in the future. We are ready for any checkups and inspections, if they do happen”.

Safety measures

Sciarada has 45 employees working in a large space that undergoes “a disinfection process done with certified products”, tells us Serena Castellani. “Work-stations have been places very far apart, which has allowed us to not have to make great changes to respect the distance – says the entrepreneur -. We still have moved all desks further apart in the conference rooms as well as on the floor, and continue to have our meetings on Skype. Common areas such as the food court has been reopened with distanced table and a specific schedule”.


Another important step was the training of our resources in regards to these new safety measure. “The protocol was explained to us during a conference call. Our collaborators and clients know the measures we have taken. They only come with an appointment and sign in when entering. Every movement is monitored”.

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