South Africa’s Klein Karoo tannery converts to solar energy

La fusione di Klein Karoo e Mosstrich

South Africa’s Klein Karoo International group are going to install solar panels, which will extend across 600 square metres, in their tannery, which will no longer make use of fuels. KKI, a leading player in the ostrich industry, recently attempted to make a merger with Mosstrich (the Antitrust board stopped the deal though). Back to the tannery mentioned above, KKI group announced their investment on last 15 May: that is part of the Soltrain project, which aims to spread solar energy across Southern African countries. As reported by Afrik21, such innovation will enable Klein Karoo International tannery (which also manages a few ostrich breeding farms and some plants for meat and feathers processing) to convert its heating production system: in fact, it will keep running through renewable energy and will no longer make use of combustible oil and fuels.


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