Aero Mexico signs agreement with ELeather. Experts remark: “You can’t say that leather fibre board works better than leather”

Not all that glitters is gold, not all that is advertised is true. Aero Mexico, Mexico’s national airline, announced they signed a supply contract with ELeather, a British manufacturer which patented the production of a special type of leather fibre board. According to the agreement, the British company will provide the Mexican airline with seating upholstery for 64 airplanes, announced the parties. The agreement will be possibly renewed again. While making public the partnership, in the advertising brochures Aero Mexico claimed that ELeather material is “50% lighter” than leather, and much more durable as well. As soon as experts and insiders heard such remarks, they lost their patience. As reported by Leatherbiz, GLCC, the Global Leather Coordination Committee, which also includes ICT (International Council of Tanners), IULTCS (the union of leather technologists and chemists) and ICHSALTA (the association of traders), have already criticized the (warmly welcome) circularity plans in the leather tanning industry, while urging them not to superficially compare performance standards. Furthermore, they also emphasized the importance of the “leather” term, which is to be selected carefully: in fact, despite several misleading information, for marketing purposes, leather remains a material of animal origin, and it holds the fibre structure of the animal itself. For the time being, leather fibre board, made by ELeather, is lighter and more durable just in theory.


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